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CourtSide Thai and The History of Fairfax VA Courthouse

CourtSide Thai is aptly named because we are adjacent to the Fairfax Courthouse.  But do you know the history of the Fairfax, VA Courthouse?

The Fairfax Virginia Courthouse is a historic building located in the city of Fairfax, Virginia. It has served as the county seat of Fairfax County since its construction in 1800.

The history of the Fairfax Virginia Courthouse can be traced back to the late 18th century, when the area that is now Fairfax County was still a rural, agricultural region. In 1790, the Virginia General Assembly established Fairfax County and designated the town of Providence (now known as Fairfax City) as the county seat.

Construction of the courthouse began in 1799 and was completed the following year. The building was designed in the Neoclassical style, with a symmetrical façade, a central entrance flanked by two columns, and a pediment with a triangular shape. The courthouse was built of locally-quarried stone and featured a hipped roof with dormers.

Over the years, the Fairfax Virginia Courthouse has undergone several renovations and additions. In 1873, a two-story brick addition was built on the east side of the courthouse to provide additional space for courtrooms and offices. In the early 20th century, the courthouse was renovated to add electricity and modern plumbing.

Despite these changes, the Fairfax Virginia Courthouse has retained its original Neoclassical design and remains a prominent and well-known landmark in the city of Fairfax. It continues to serve as the county seat of Fairfax County and is a popular destination for visitors who are interested in the history and architecture of the area.

In 1987, the Fairfax Virginia Courthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places, recognizing its significance as a historic building. Today, it stands as a reminder of the rich history and heritage of Fairfax County and the state of Virginia.